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​​Gadgets on Children’s Hands, Unveiling a New Horizon or Calamity?

It is inevitable for children and adults not to use gadgets in everyday life in today’s era. The ABC Kids & Brighton schools held a webinar event that covered the theme of “Gadget in Children’s Hands, Revealing Horizon or Calamity” on December 3rd, 2021.

Fellianti Muzdalifah, a psychologist & and our source person, explained the primary function of electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets were intended to make it easier for people to communicate long distances without any limits in space or time, online and in real-time.

While electronic gadgets have solved problems such as communications, they may trigger other issues when used excessively by children. Cases such as eyesight damage, difficulty in sleeping, laziness, unoptimized motoric growth in children, fatigue, anxiety, sore muscles, and psychological issues have been reported in the past.

“Excessive use of electronic gadgets causes poor socialization skills in children. Researchers have noted that non-verbal communications are responsible for 90% of communication proficiency skills, which is not plausible to learn electronically,” explained Fellianti.

Even though the statement mentioned above negatively impacts electronic gadgets in general, we should also note how technology has allowed children to find new ways to study at home & do house chores easily.

Fellianti further explained that parents must provide schedules and supervise their children using electronic gadgets to encourage moderate use. Additionally, parents must also communicate the risks of electronic devices to their children, record their online activities, and help and show them ways to use the internet safely.

The pandemic has pushed technological advancement to a new level. Especially regarding education, using technology to send homework, conduct classes & tests virtually, and attain knowledge freely was made possible. Trinita Hestiana, the Education Director of ABC Kids & Brighton schools, noted that although electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our children’s lives, we should not be oblivious to the downside that comes with them.

It is inevitable to separate electronic gadgets from our children’s lives, whether used to playing online games or attending classes. Now, it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children on using technology appropriately.

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