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3 Must-Read Children’s Book Recommendations!

“Books open windows to the world and have the power to transform lives.” – Ralph Lauren.

Books allow us to see the world, learn and develop critical thinking skills. It provides knowledge and entertainment and strengthens the bonds between parents and children. And it is recommended for parents to start reading books aloud to their children at home.

Every month, ABC Kids school publishes a monthly book review for your children to read. Here are the three must-read books we recommend for your children to read during their pastime activities.

  1. Must Love Pets

Must Love Pets (Friend Fur-ever). This book by Saadia Faruqi tells the story of Imaan Bashir, a girl who loves and cares for her pets. She loves dogs and wants to care for them, but her mother doesn’t want her to because she is concerned that Imaan will be irresponsible with her pet dog.

In an attempt to convince her mother to get her a dog, Imaan looked after her neighbor’s dog with her friend London and Olivia. Soon after, she realized that looking after a dog is quite tiresome! 

We recommend this book for children because it teaches children a sense of responsibility to love and take good care of pets while also improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  1. The Lorax

The following book recommendation is The Lorax, written by Dr. Seus and published in 1971. The story centers around the environmental damage caused by industries, which Once-ler personified. 

Through The story of The Lorax, children are well-aware of the importance of keeping the environment alive and preventing it from being harmed by irresponsible human actions.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

Our final book recommendation is a classic by E.B. White. 

Charlotte’s Web, written by E.B White, is the last must-read book for children. This book tells a story about a friendship between Fern, a young girl, Charlotte, a spider, Wilbur, a pig, and other farm animals. 

Charlotte’s Web is a classic book that teaches children about friendship and respect. A friendship extends beyond mere physical looks and respecting and caring for animals. 

So there you go, parents, all three must-read children’s books as recommended by ABC Kids. 

Start your journey of exploration through the books. Happy Reading!

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