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As part of the Sumpah Pemuda celebration, ABC Kids elementary school held an annual Sports Day event where students participated in sports matches. This event aims to enliven school activities at the end of the year–encouraging the spirit of togetherness between children, teachers, and parents. Some sports activities were football, obstacle courses, ball pit, and basketball.

Students were very excited about the Sports Day celebration. Mrs. Adnovria Felani, the Chief Organizer of Sports Day 2022, said that the students’ enthusiasm was extraordinary because there had been little to no activities during the pandemic for two years. Students’ enthusiasm was in the form of frequent questions about Sports Day, such as the starting date and preparation requirements. They even practice in the weeks leading up to the event.

“Football has become a popular sport for boys, but here, we encourage the girls to participate in the activity as well,” said Ms. Felani.

Approximately 498 students partook in the event. Due to the space limitation, Sports Day 2022 was divided into two groups; some students participated at school, and the remaining were at the sports club. Although the event was separated into two groups, we could still feel the students’ enthusiasm. 

Of course, the success of this year’s Sports Day event cannot be separated from the neverending support from our school’s community. Parents of the community came to show their support, as well as teachers and staff involved in this annual event’s success. Divi Lutmansyah, a parent, was excited about this event. “I am very supportive of this event because my child likes football. Considering the ever-changing health regulations, I hope this event will continue in the future. I am happy with the idea of the Sports Day event”.

To this, Kalisahah, a 3rd grader, added that even though she lost in the obstacle course contest, she still enjoyed this event, “I didn’t lose or win, but I enjoyed participating in Sports Day. I hope that next year it will be even more fun”.

Sports Day 2022 turned out to be a fruitful event, despite the unpredictable weather in November. For this reason, the committee team had an issue making the schedule and managing 498 students. To anticipate the unforeseen weather, the committee decided to move forward the dates two weeks earlier than scheduled.

Despite the problems and ensuring that the event still adhered to the health protocols, Ms. Felani concluded that the event ran smoothly and with positive feedback. She hoped that all students would feel happy and entertained by this event, as the goal of such an occasion was sportsmanship and togetherness.

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