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A heartfelt THANK YOU for one of our Educational Pillar

After 20 years of dedication at ABC Kids School, Ms. Monita Lasnaria S.Pd concludes her tenure as a school principal. We express our deepest gratitude for her dedication and exceptional leadership. Throughout 20 years of duties, Ms Monita has consistently demonstrated a passion for education and a commitment to excellence. She started her career as a Kindergarten teacher during her early days with ABC Kids up until she was appointed as principal in Kota Wisata in 2007, with the continuing pressure for higher levels of student achievement, as principals are challenged to find more effective ways to lead and organize their schools for learning. As educational scholars have emphasized, school administrators and principals are crucial in motivating and producing highly committed teachers. Under her leadership, our school has flourished into a vibrant community of learners and future leaders.

The top priority of our school has always been student learning, which has been consistently championed by Ms. Monita. She has continuously strives to create a learning environment conducive to all students’ success. Ms. Monita has reevaluated her focus on leadership, prioritized her responsibilities, and effectively managed her time and resources. By fostering a learning community and culture within our school, she has empowered and supported school members in implementing effective learning strategies, resulting in high trust and commitment towards her among teachers.

Ms. Monita’s lasting educational legacy is evident as she concludes her tenure as school principal. Her commitment to excellence, passion, and dedication have made an indelible mark on our school’s students, teachers, and staff. Some of the projects that she initiated during her leadership include flag hoisting every Monday for elementary students to strengthen character building through greetings and respect towards each other. Also, initiating to study outside the classroom, like visiting cityscapes such as Alun-alun Kota Depok and learning more about Sunda culture through Bahasa Sunda lessons. The aforementioned projects initiated by Ms. Monita demonstrated a passion for her students to appreciate their city and culture. To honor her legacy, we ask that you remember these valuable values with the rest of our society as you make a dent in this world.

On behalf of the ABC Kids Family, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Monita as she moves forward into the next phase of her career. Her influence on our school has been immense, and she has played a crucial role in transforming it into a thriving learning center. Ms. Monita, we are forever thankful for your contributions to ABC Kids School, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. As you told us once, “If you work hard and strive towards your goals, amazing things can happen.”

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