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A Parent of ABC Kids Student Shares Her Experience on Being a Police Woman and a Mother

Mother’s Day celebration is the perfect time to express our love to our parents figure. Love can be expressed in different ways, such as acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, hugs & kisses, or gifts and surprises.

Mrs. Dedeh Khusnul Hotimah, the mother of Nevan, a student of ABC Kids Elementary at Depok, offered us a glimpse into her life as a woman, policewoman, and mother.

Mrs. Dedeh began by saying how she had been trained to be disciplined as a policewoman. With a policewoman career on her belt, Mrs. Dedeh places time management, discipline, and independence highly into her children. Having efficient time management skills is crucial as she starts her day by waking up early to prepare her children for school. 

“Managing my time for my children is a crucial thing,” said Mrs. Dedeh.

Juggling career, motherhood, and self-care is by no means an easy thing. However, Mrs. Dedeh still performs daily duties as a mother and a career woman with two children. Whenever her children have homework or experience struggles at school, Mrs. Dedeh would always try her best to assist her children.

Before Mrs. Dedeh and her husband went to work, she always accompanied her children for 10 to 15 minutes during virtual learning sessions. Accompanying her children, even for a short while, ensures that they feel guided, especially during this ever changing landscape. 

The challenges that Mrs. Dedeh encounters as a mother and a policewoman are undoubtedly present. Often, her job demands her to be in the office during the holiday season, which does not make it feasible for her to take her children on vacation. However, she tries to squeeze in family time by bringing her children to the office during the holidays. This way, her children would be familiar with their parents’ occupations and understand the law enforcement field’s responsibilities. 

With this, Mrs. Dedeh concludes that any challenges faced will become less of a burden if everything is done with happiness, sincerity, and gratitude.



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