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A Triumph in the Waves: ABC Kids Elementary Student, Secures Five Medals at Singapore Aquatics Futures Meet

In a resounding testament to the dedication, skill, and sheer determination, ABC Kids Elementary Kota Wisata proudly congratulates one of its own, Oliver Valco Sutanto, for an exceptional performance at the recently concluded Singapore Aquatics Futures Meet. Valco’s remarkable achievement includes clinching an impressive tally of five medals – one gold, two silvers, and two bronzes – in a stunning display of prowess at the prestigious swimming competition held in Singapore.

Oliver Valco Sutanto, a rising star in the aquatic realm, showcased his extraordinary talent and commitment to the sport, making waves for himself and ABC Kids Elementary Kota Wisata on the international stage. The school community is elated to celebrate Oliver’s triumph, recognizing the countless hours of hard work and dedication he has invested in honing his swimming skills.

Competing against top-notch swimmers from around the region, Valco’s achievement in securing a gold medal and adding two silvers and two bronzes to his collection in various strokes is a true reflection of his versatility and excellence in the pool. His success highlights the rigorous training, guidance from coaches, and unwavering support from his peers and school that have contributed to this momentous accomplishment. 

As we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Oliver Valco Sutanto, we also express our gratitude to the coaches, teammates, and everyone who has nurtured his talent and supported his aspirations. Oliver’s success is not just a personal victory but a source of inspiration for the entire school community.

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