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ABC Kids & Brighton and Their Move For Humanity

Bulan Dana Kemanusiaan 2023 was held in Balaikota Depok on July 17, 2023. It aims to support Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) as a humanitarian organization to run its agenda without any financial obstruction. This event was led by the mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris.

Mohammad Idris appreciates the participation and contribution of all parties, especially PMI, for contributing to the success of the Bulan Dana Kemanusiaan 2022. He also expressed gratitude to the most fundraisers in Bulan Dana Kemanusiaan Kota Depok 2022.

The Mayor of Depok also handed over certificates of appreciation to the most fundraisers in Bulan Dana Kemanusiaan 2022, including Badan Keuangan Daerah Kota Depok, SD Negeri Citayam 1, SD ABC Kids DDN Depok, SMP Negeri 1 Kota Depok, and SMP Brighton.

This award was given as a proven form of our dedication to humanity. We want to thank Pemerintah Kota Depok for the award. We hope this could be a ground-breaking synergy between the private and governmental sectors to achieve a greater good for others.

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