ABC Kids’ Pet Fundraising: Caring Heart, Happy Home

In a heartwarming display of compassion and community spirit, ABC Kids, renowned for its commitment to nurturing young minds, embarked on a remarkable journey of kindness throughout March. Across all of our Kindergarten branches, ABC Kids partnered with Pejaten Shelter to organize a pet fundraising initiative with a cause—to provide a comfort home and a helping hand to stray animals through the Pejaten Shelter Community.



 With enthusiasm and determination, students, parents, and teachers at ABC Kids embraced the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those stray animals. Through various creative endeavors and fundraising activities for our kindergarten students, they get to know different ways to take care of pets and get to know other pets, such as puppies, kittens, tortoises, and rabbits, and the community even introduces reptile pets, making sure to the students not to be afraid of them and how to take good care of them.













The response to this event wasoverwhelming. Through the collective efforts of the ABC Kids parents, students, and teachers, a staggering sum of more than 17 million rupiahs was raised during the events. Several items for the shelter are also being donated, such as numerous rice bags,  dog food, and cat food; we donate several cleaning agents and towels to be used around the shelter. The impact of this event extends far beyond monetary contributions. By actively engaging students in acts of kindness, ABC Kids instilled valuable lessons of empathy, responsibility, and compassion in caring for their pets. These young minds, nurtured in an environment of care and consideration, are shaping a brighter future for themselves and the world around them. This remarkable achievement surpassed expectations and reaffirmed the boundless generosity and goodwill permeating every corner of ABC Kids. From the deepest of our hearts, ABC Kids extends heartfelt gratitude to every parent, student, and teacher who made this event successful and played a part in making this event a resounding success. Your unwavering support and dedication have made tails wag and filled countless hearts with hope and joy.

 Lastly, this fundraising event serves as a beacon of hope and compassion. Through their collective efforts, they have made a tangible difference in the lives of stray animals on the street and sown the seeds of empathy and goodwill in the hearts of our students and future generations. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let us continue to nurture kindness, one paw print at a time. See you at our fundraising event with a different cause!

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