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ABC Kids School & Brighton JHS Educates Young Generations To Become Mindful Citizens, One Sports Uniform At A Time

The invention of plastics many years ago has revolutionised the way we live. With its polymer nature, items we use daily can be produced in massive quantities, strong, durable, water-resistant, and relatively inexpensive. While plastics boast many valuable qualities, their durability creates another environmental issue. When not managed well, plastic waste can be trapped in the environment for many centuries. According to the data published by, only 15% of plastic waste is recycled today.

On top of the ongoing problem of plastic waste, the rise of fast fashion has contributed to the increase in carbon footprints. The textile manufacturing industry is responsible for approximately 20% of worldwide clean water pollution

With the ongoing problems set forth previously, starting in 2022, ABC Kids and Brighton schools took a bold step by using a more sustainable option through their eco-friendly sports uniform. Students in the schools can wear sports uniforms made of recycled PET bottles. Designed with sustainability in mind, one set of sports uniforms uses approximately 49 600ml recycled PET bottles.

As a forward-looking educational institution that priorities environmental sustainability, the ABC Kids and Brighton schools have been embedding the eco-friendly grassroots to the students. Hopefully, through sustainable sports uniforms, the schools can educate their students to be more mindful—of their choices and how it impacts the world. 

Mrs. Trinita Hestiana, serving as the Education Director of the schools, took this movement as a stepping stone toward ecological awareness. “We feel proud with this movement and are satisfied with the quality of the materials despite it being made of recycled materials. Although such a movement is relatively modest, everything we do would hopefully create a major positive impact on our planet,” explained Mrs. Trinita. 

The ABC Kids & Brighton schools invite you to take another small leap toward a better living. By enrolling in the schools, students can be part of the solution to the ongoing plastic & textile waste problem—one sports uniform at a time.

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