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ABC Kids School Was Awarded as One of The 100 Best and Creative Schools by Kampoeng Kidz

Best and Creative Schools

There is no doubt that creativity is one of the essential skills for human beings, and such a skill must be encouraged as early as possible for future generations. Among 100 winners of educational institutions in Indonesia, The Kampoeng Kidz awarded ABC Kids School for being one of the 100 Best and Creative Schools in the Kampoeng Kidz School Awards. It is an award for schools that have successfully integrated creative life skills into their existing curriculum.

The ABC Kids students from all branches actively participated in the series of programs created by Kampoeng Kidz throughout the year from January to December 2021. Among the many programs developed by Kampoeng Kidz, the two most prominent activities that enhanced the students’ creativity skills were as below:


In this program, the ABC Kids students virtually went on a journey to Kampoeng Kidz. They learned about the values of life, such as bravery, collaboration, honesty, friendship, love, and kindness. This program involved activities such as singing, playing games, and creating imaginative toys from everyday items they find in their homes.


The Smart Day program aimed to make learning science a fun and exciting experience for children. It included a range of entertaining activities, such as dancing and singing together, doing small experiments, and applying science in everyday life. 

Those two programs showed ABC Kids’ commitment, which led to being nominated as one of the 100 Best and Creative Schools in the Kampoeng Kidz awards. In addition, the winning institutions vary from kindergarten to elementary and high school equivalency programs. 

Being chosen as one of the 100 schools all over Indonesia that offers a conducive learning environment for students is such a great honor for ABC Kids. Such a nomination proved just how dedicated the school is to crafting quality education for our students.

The 1-year long programs received positive remarks from ABC Kids’ students and the extent of its impact on their learning experience. It took a while for our students to adjust, but eventually, they could manage their time productively during the 12-months program – which is an efficient habit to hone.

Mrs. Trinita Hestiana, serving as our Education Director, explains that the teachers in ABC Kids constantly encourage students to maintain their recently adopted habits & productivity by facilitating them in engaging events. 

Through programs like these, Mrs. Hestiana hopes to create a positive and sustainable impact, where students can sharpen their creativity and critical skills. The aforementioned align with the institution’s long term goals and core values–equipping children with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st-century era.

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