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ABC Kids Students Won Medals in the Olimpiade Sains Nasional 2022

Olimpiade Sains Nasional (OSN) is a science competition for elementary, middle, and high school students. This competition is held annually with the best and most competitive students competing from various schools in Indonesia. Those who participate in the OSN must pass the selection phase at the district and provincial levels and would represent their respective domiciles.

The OSN competition, organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, has four categories based on the chosen subjects at school: Math, Literacy, English, and Science. Students from ABC Kids competed in the English and Math categories at the national level alongside the other 288 and 875 participants in their respective categories.

All the discipline and rigorous preparations resulted in two of our students bringing home a gold medal in  Math and a silver medal in English. The two students mentioned were Matthew and Elqueena from ABC Kids Elementary school. 

According to Matthew, one of our students from ABC Kids who had successfully won a gold medal in Math, the problems presented in the elimination phase of the competition were relatively moderate in terms of the difficulty level. He had approximately 10 minutes to solve the last math problem and check on the other answers. Matthew added, “In the final round, the questions were complicated, and the time limit was too short. I almost couldn’t solve all of the problems and did not get enough time to check on all of my answers. I think this competition is quite challenging yet fun. Solving math problems is one of my hobbies, so I had fun working on it.”

The other ABC Kids student who won a silver medal in English was Elqueena. She expressed her happiness when she was chosen to participate in the competition and thought she should not go easy on this as this was a rare opportunity to miss. Elqueena assumed that her candidates might be as good or even better than her, so she prepared her best during the competition. Weeks leading up to the competition, Elqueena would practice 35 to 50 questions on vocabulary, reading, and other exercises. Such practices were in the form of online quizzes, papers, and listening tests. Through consistent training and preparation, Elqueena gave her best effort and made everyone, including herself, proud of her accomplishment.

Congratulations once again to Matthew and Elqueena from ABC Kids school. Your hard work and preparations have paid off!

This article is generated from an interview with the aforementioned students.

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