Abc Kids – Brighton

"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence"

Denis Waitley 

Admission Process

  1. Contact us for a tour.

    Please arrange an appointment for a tour by completing this form.

  2. Submit an online application form.

    Should you decide to proceed with the Admissions process at ABC Kids School, please submit an online application form.

  3. Upload supporting documents

    Submit supporting documents online. The details of the supporting documents shall be listed upon online application submission

  4. Trial Day

    All incoming new students must undergo Trial Day.Our staff will contact you to arrange a time for this matter. During Trial Day, the student is allowed to sit in class and interact with other students. Parents are allowed to assist their child during Trial Day to observe the learning process in school. This process is essential as it enables multiple observations to happen (from school, parents, and student).

  5. Arrange a time for assessments and an interview(*)

    This process is mandatory as it allows parents and teachers to discuss any inquiry and special educational needs. Our staff will contact you to arrange a time for an assessment and an interview. The method and details of the interview will be determined and explained by our team.

  6. Admission

    decisionThe applicants shall expect to receive a decision within seven business days. The applicant will receive one of the three decisions: acceptance, waitlist, or decline

  7. Enrollment day

    Should you decide to enroll your child into our school, you will need to carry out the following steps:

      1. Payment of outstanding fees due listed under One Time Fees and Annual Fee Schedule. Please refer to School Fees for detailed information.
      2. The signing of Parents – School MOU
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