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Adopt, Don’t Shop! A Charity Seminar With Pejaten Shelter

In ABC Kids, we believe that every living being deserves to live and to be loved, including animals. Because of that, we have recently partnered with Pejaten Shelter—a non-profit organization—that was established in 2009 by dr. Susana Somali Sp.PK, with the mission to rescue and care for abandoned animals. For its 14 years of operation, Pejaten Shelter has protected approximately more than 1500 dogs, 250 cats, and 52 monkeys making it a shelter for animals with the most adoptions 

In support for this collaboration, ABC Kids have curated a range ways of students to actively participate. From providing rice, flea medicine, and carbolic acid to donating dog food, cat food and raw meat, we want the students to not only learn about the importance of animal shelters but also start to give back to the community. Each donation, big or small, goes a long way in supporting the shelter’s operations.


The event will be held at each of ABC Kids Kindergarten branch as we aim for every students to be able to participate and be involved. There will be a lot of activities to do in this collaboration, such as donation, inspiring talks with Pejaten Shelter on animal welfare, fun games and contests, educational activities and many more! Our students can look forward to an enriching experience that will be held in February this year.

We hope that by contributing in this collaboration event, ABC Kids students can participate in the well-being of animals and also learn about the importance of extending kindness to all living beings. ABC Kids Schools intends to donate dog/cat food, towels, rice, pet shampoos, and other necessities, and invites our students for charity as well. Because ABC Kids believe that humans and animals should live harmoniously with compassion to each other. Watch this page for our recap video and the donations collected during the event. 

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