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Ardhanniswari Hayuning Bumi, The Ice Magician

Sliding and skidding gracefully on the ice as she paved her way through the 1st Podium of the Indonesia Ice Skating Open 2023! Ladies and gentlemen, let us present you with Ardhanniswari Hayuning Bumi, widely known among her friends as Nissy, The Ice Magician!

Nissy is a 7th grader from Brighton JHS Depok who started ice skating in October 2022. She spent 4 to 8 hours of ice skating sessions in every lesson to be a better athlete in the ice rink. Although Nissy had just passed a level in the ice skating segment, she plans to participate in another championship sometime in June/July of 2023.

Feelings of shock and happiness overwhelm Nissy as she won the 1st place trophy in the pre-alpha category as a first-timer! Nissy dreams of becoming an ice skating athlete. Performing gracefully in the Olympics is her main goal. She enjoys ice skating so much because it’s healing therapy for her.

The Brighton JHS community wishes Nissy could someday compete in the Olympics. We all know that the road to victory is not easy, but with perseverance in training and spirit, you can achieve whatever your heart desires.

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