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Axelle, a Maestro In the Making.

Axelle Dimas Khan Ristyoputra is back again with another strike to his hall of fame. This time, Birmingham International Music Competition gave him an honorable Special Mention for his participation and astonishing musical performance.


The ability to play and perform a musical instrument is more than just a gift; but hard work, discipline, and dedication. As Ananda Sukarlan once said, “Music consists of 1% talent and 99% hard work.” How Axelle’s fingers dance above the piano notes requires complete focus and balance work. Axelle practices his music skills daily at a well-known music sanctuary, the Signature Music Academy. Alongside his mentor, Ananda Sukarlan, Axelle is determined to become a Pianist.

Ananda Sukarlan offered his students their personal touch. Every student was given a choice to play music on their favorite notes. Afterward, he would give his students feedback on their performance. Axelle strives not just to be better but perfect. Being able to master piano takes time and sheer will, but Axelle humbly proves that by being hungry for achievements, one can achieve their goals and dreams.


Congratulations, Axelle on your latest achievement. Kudos! Please don’t stop to make us proud of you

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