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Being A Leader to Oneself and Others

Michelle Nathaneva Chris Lee (7A), Student of The Term 1 2021-2022 Brighton Depok

Sharing from Michelle Nathaneva, Student of the Term Brighton Depok 


Each term, Brighton JHS awards a special recognition for an outstanding student. The Student of the Term Award is given to students who have shown remarkable academic performance, attendance, attitude, and social. This year, Brighton Depok awarded Michelle Nathaneva Chris Lee the Student of the Term Award for Term 1

Michelle is well-known for her leadership skills, and she uses her skills to lead not only herself but also her friends. Michelle believed that leadership is an essential skill, especially for oneself, because there may not always be other people to lead. In cultivating leadership, Michelle realized that she needs to be responsible for herself before taking on more significant responsibilities.

First, Michelle needs to list down her responsibilities before creating a schedule or checklist on priorities. By doing so, Michelle leads herself to complete all her duties, including studying, doing assignments, and organizing her activities.

When leading her friends, Michelle treats it as she would to herself. She would remind her friends in a way that she likes to be reminded and lead a group project as she would with her project. Further, she believed that social and communication skills are an integral part of leadership skills. Thus, Michelle suggests having a group discussion, making plans, listing pros & cons before making decisions or doing something.

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