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Most teenagers have plenty of energy. They could have a series of activities from the early morning until sunset and still have a lot of energy reserves. This phenomenon was because kids’ & teenagers’ bodies are built for exploration! In the article published by, kids and teenagers could run and walk all day beneath 40 degrees of sunlight. This makes them act like an endless running machine!

Around 70% of teenagers have sleep deprivation. Various variables cause such an issue, like having too much homework, early school time, or late-night leisure time. So how can a seemingly harmless habit of sleep deprivation lead to irreversible damage to a child’s body? For one, studies have shown that the lack of sleep could reduce teenagers’ ability to concentrate, think, or have a clear vision of reality. In a classroom setting, sleep deprivation could lead to a grade downgrade in terms of how it affects a child’s mood. Children with inadequate hours of sleep are short-tempered, thus getting angry rather quickly, and have an increased tendency to impulsiveness.

Teenagers’ muscle structures are built for heavy endurance work with fatigue-resistant features, but can you imagine a piece of great machinery without proper lubrication? Yes, a shorter lifespan! Therefore, teenagers should have 8-9 hours of sleep every day to keep their hormones and metabolism stable. With so many distractions around kids and teenagers, they should learn to balance playtime and time to rest, which could lead to severe sleep deprivation.

Qanita Sadaf, from grade 8B Brighton Kota Wisata, shares her thoughts on a school and me-time balance by not recommending staying up late to play games or only watching movies. She tells us we could have more extra leisure time if there is no school tomorrow. She also tells us we need time to relax and not force ourselves too much. Last but not least, avoid any stimulants that contain a lot of caffeine, such as coffee or tea.

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