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Brighton Depok Student has Achieved the Silver Medal for IPS in KSN 2021

The annual Kompetisi Sains Nasional (KSN) 2021 event for Elementary, Middle, and High schools across Indonesia, which Pusat Prestasi Nasional holds under the Ministry of Education and Culture along with the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, has announced the winner of the competition on November 12th, 2021.

Judika Cristian Sinambela has won the silver medal in Kompetisi Sains Nasional (KSN) with the subject of Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (IPS) on National level. Judika has made Brighton Junior High School, the City of Depok, and the West Java province proud of his accomplishment in the most prestigious annual competition for students in Indonesia.

Quoting from Pusat Prestasi Nasional’s Youtube channel, Asep Sukmayadi PLT, the head of the Pusat Prestasi Nasional, stated that KSN 2021 by Pusat Prestasi Nasional is maintaining the effort to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. The younger generation with outstanding achievements is made possible through competitions like this for every stage of education.

KSN is a science contest with the theme Science Talent for “Indonesia Tumbuh, Indonesia Tangguh.” This year, Indonesian students in other countries receive equal opportunity. The participants in this competition have gone through the selection phase in the school degree, district-city degree, and provincial degree.

This year’s contestants for KSN Elementary and Middle School aggregated as many as 19.590 participants. KSN for Middle school has 57.969 participants, while 151.347 participants attend KSN for High School. Therefore, the participants in total are 228.906 students.

The mechanism for the KSN competition in all stages is conducted by answering questions in multiple choices and short essays, exploration, observations, and special tests for fieldwork in Geography on the High School level. The competition is performed online while maintaining honesty.

There are 20 golden medals, 40 silver medals, and 60 bronze medals for KSN at the Elementary level. This event includes formal education, with A, B, and C bundles being given the same opportunities to showcase their performances.

KSN for Middle School has achieved 45 golden medals, 60 silver medals, and 75 bronze medals. As for High School, there are 45 golden medals, 90 silver medals, and 135 bronze medals. This competition becomes the selection phase and preparation for the students to represent Indonesia in the most acclaimed international science competition.

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