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Brighton JHS Depok Graduation: A Night of Talent and Celebration

On the 8th of June, Brighton JHS Depok held its graduation ceremony at Hotel Avenzel, Cibubur. The evening was a resounding success, marked by the impressive talents of the students and the joyous atmosphere that brought together parents, students, and teachers in celebration of this significant milestone.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the principal, Mr. Eagen, who highlighted the achievements and growth of the students over their years at Brighton JHS. The excitement in the room was palpable as the audience eagerly anticipated the student performances that were to follow.

The first act featured a group of students playing the guitar, showcasing their musical prowess with a series of well-rehearsed pieces. Their performance set the tone for the evening, filling the venue with harmonious melodies and earning enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Next, a series of student band performance captivated everyone. The band, composed of several talented students, delivered a high-energy set that had everyone tapping their feet and clapping along. Their infectious enthusiasm and impressive musical abilities brought a dynamic energy to the ceremony, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

One of the unique highlights of the ceremony was the pantun (traditional Indonesian poetic form) recitation. One of the Brighton JHS students, Fellipe, skillfully crafted and delivered their pantun, blending humor, wisdom, and cultural heritage. This segment was a delightful addition to the evening, bringing smiles and laughter to the audience.

Opening speech by the school principal, Mr. Eagen.


Student performance

Pantun performance

As the formal part of the graduation ceremony concluded, the event transitioned into a lively after-party. Students, parents, and teachers mingled and celebrated together, sharing in the joy and pride of the graduates’ achievements. The after-party featured music, dancing, and light refreshments, allowing everyone to unwind and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The graduation ceremony at Brighton JHS Depok was not just a celebration of academic accomplishments but also a testament to the vibrant community spirit of the school. The talents displayed by the students and the shared joy of the evening left a lasting impression on all who attended.

As the night drew to a close, the smiles on the faces of students, parents, and teachers alike were a clear indication of the event’s success. The 8th of June at Hotel Avenzel will be remembered fondly by all as a night of talent, celebration, and happiness, marking the beginning of new journeys for the graduates of Brighton JHS Depok.

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