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Brighton JHS’ First Live-In Activity for the Students

Brighton JHS DDN Depok is set to host its first Live-In Activity for the students in Magelang. Jawa Tengah. From 3rd to 7th February, Brighton JHS DDN Depok students will learn about the rich culture and local wisdom of Javanese culture, with the goal to broaden their perspective through hands-on experience and build a genuine connection with the local residents in Magelang. 

This event will be more than just a trip as we have scheduled various activities that students can participate in, such as learning local language, the making of Batik, learning about the traditional home industry in Magelang, and also the local wisdom. Through this activity, the students will not only learn the theory by listening, they will also learn by doing—an experience that we believe can help the students to shape themselves. 

The true essence of this Live-In lies in the interactions with local residents. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the community, gain different insight, and learn about the diverse cultures and broad perspectives of the people in Magelang. From farming to visiting traditional markets and also cooking with their foster families, we hope the students can learn to be local residents and appreciate various perspectives on ways of life.

Brighton JHS has always held the belief that learning extends beyond the classroom, as knowledge can be acquired from various experiences that students immerse themselves in. This Live-In activity will serve as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for our students to learn more about Indonesia, especially the Javanese culture, and also to grow as individuals through the cultural exchanges. Tune in for our recap next week!

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