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Brighton JHS is A-ccredited!

In June 2023, Brighton JHS Depok and Kota Wisata branches underwent a 5-year annual assessment entitled “Accreditation” from the government’s third party that allows us to assess the quality of our education and competence as a form of external grade screening agenda.

After going through a series of assessments, a presentation by the institution and the teachers, student interviews, and a quality check on the school’s surroundings, we are proud to say that we have been awarded an “A” predicate with an average score of 93. This recognition is a testament to the ongoing hard work and dedication of our institution and its faculty to make Brighton JHS a progressive organization. Accreditation creates a benchmark for having a set of quality assurance and standards. A school accredited with a grade “A” would increase the probability for a graduating student from the said institution to attend their target high schools due to its accreditation award. This implies that students who attended schools with a grade A accreditation went through the standardized programs and testings, and has a strong learning foundation to carry forward to a higher level of education.

Our two branches of Brighton JHS, Depok and Kota Wisata, offer equally competitive and rigorous academic programs. Having our education institution thoroughly tested means that our educational program is according to technological and cultural advancement and has a conducive learning environment to support. 

A huge congratulations to both Brighton JHS at Kota Wisata and Depok! An institution is only as excellent as the people inside it. Let’s keep on working hard to foster a favorable learning environment for the next generations to come.

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