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Brighton Junior High School Shines Bright: Kirania Divyanisa and Rei Kanna Rahman Triumph in EF Spelling Bee Competition

In a remarkable display of intelligence, determination, and hard work, Brighton JHS students have once again proven their mettle academically. Two exceptional young talents, Kirania Divyanisa and Rei Kanna Rahman, emerged victorious in the prestigious EF Spelling Bee Competition. Their achievement highlights their brilliance, the high standard of education and commitment to excellence at Brighton Junior High School.

EF Spelling Bee Competition, organized by EF Education First, is one of the most renowned spelling contests globally. It challenges students from various schools to exhibit their mastery of the English language, testing their vocabulary, spelling accuracy, and composure under pressure.

One of the cornerstones of their preparation was the meticulous study of extensive word lists. These lists, curated by experienced educators and language experts, served as the foundation upon which Kirania and Rei built their vocabulary. They delved deep into the nuances of words, understanding not only their meanings but also their origins and contextual usage.

The success of Kirania Divyanisa and Rei Kanna Rahman serves as an inspiration for aspiring students in Brighton JHS and beyond. Their achievement underscores the importance of dedication, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge. By showcasing their talents globally, these young champions have set a standard for excellence that will inspire future generations.

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