Brighton School Took Part in the International Student Cultural Forum 2022

Brighton JHS Depok took part in the International Student Cultural Forum, which was held virtually with the theme “New Year Culture in Our Country.” The event aimed to provide students with new knowledge and experiences in the cultural realm.

Representatives of ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Russia, India, and Vietnam also attended the event mentioned.

According to Trinita Hestiana, the Education Director of Brighton JHS, the International Student Cultural Forum event was very interesting and positive for Brighton JHS Depok students. This event is not merely an exchange of cultures but a gathering of the courage to open up and interact. 

“This is an event for children where they gather up the courage to present, ask questions, express opinions, and learn to be responsible for introducing Indonesia’s New Year’s traditions to other countries,” said Trinita.

Irene Rosalin, the teacher at Brighton JHS Depok, shared about her experience as a participant in the International Student Cultural Forum event. This event was started by the teacher at Brighton JHS Depok, an alumnus of learning community building held by the Ministry of Education from ASEAN countries. In 2022, only 40 teachers were selected from Indonesia to participate in this forum.

To prepare the teachers attended the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) workshops a few months before the event . During the course of the event, which was held at the end of 2022, each students from their respective countries shared their culture and New Year’s tradition. In addition, they also made scenarios and examples depicting the New Year’s tradition, prior to the questions and answers session.

For example, a student representative from India shared how the Indian state does not celebrate New Year’s at the end of the year. However, they have the Ugadi celebration, which is the new year celebration that is held in March. It is celebrated with the same level of joy as it celebrates the season of harvest.

Meanwhile, Russia’s way of celebrating Christmas is by introducing Santa Claus or as they call it, Father Frost. New Year is celebrated like the majority of the countries, which falls on the 31st of December and 1st of January. 

Last but not least, representing Indonesia, our students from Brighton JHS shared that the New Year’s celebration is a national celebration that falls on a similar date like majority of the countries. They also mentioned the type of food that is usually served during the New Year’s celebration. 

After the sharing session was over, students representatives were given the chance to ask and answer questions from their peers.

The International Student Cultural Forum 2022 was not only meant as a cultural exchange for students, but the involved teachers also get to make new friends and connections through the event. They formed a group Whatsapp in order to keep in touch and share useful information amongst themselves.

Ms. Irene concluded the event as “a very interesting experience for students through getting knowing the New Year’s traditions in different countries,” said Irene.

Well done for the teachers and students who had successfully organized this fruitful event!

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