Children’s Exploration through Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Guided exploration is a valuable way for children to learn, and one effective method of achieving this is through project completion. In ABC Kids, we nurture an “inquiry-based learning approach,” which involves a collaborative effort between teachers and students.

Our teachers observe and note our children’s questions, interests, and wonderings and use these observations to guide the learning process. As we take note of our children’s learning process, we involve the student’s parents to be the teacher for the day.

On Fridays, all branches held Parent-Teacher Collaboration for one of the class activities. In the class, parents can share anything they want to share. They often share easy recipes to follow in the classroom, like decorating pastries like donuts, cupcakes, and cookies. Other parents teach kids on arts & crafts such as slimes-making, cut and paste mask-making, which can be simple science

experiments. Other parents also read story books to our students, while the teachers take note of each individual’s progress.

It takes a collective effort from both sides of parents and teachers in order to maximize our students’ growth and potential. This weekly collaboration allows parents to be involved in their lives, as they anticipate Friday to arrive and see other surprises our moms and dads bring to class. Thank you for

participating in our classes, parents. Thank you for sharing with us. See you around in our classroom!

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