Abc Kids – Brighton

At ABC Kids, we celebrate childhood by providing time and space for children to develop at their own unique pace.

Community Life at ABC Kids

Learn what it means to be part of a vibrant community, where children are being celebrated for being who they are.

LSE Performance

An annual activity where students display the skills that have been taught to them every Friday. Students showcase their abilities to their family and friends through presentations about science, home economics, story telling, the usage of IT along with dance and drama performances to practice their communication skills.

Cooking Project

This particular event is where students learn how to make food and beverages. The menu and types of food are the results of joint discussion. They are cooked and prepared by all students in each class while being assisted and supervised by two teachers.

Celebration of Religious & Cultural Days

It is an annual program that is being held at ABC Kids Elementary School. This program aims to introduce various, rich cultures that have existed in Indonesia and form a unity of brotherhood despite the differences in religion, beliefs, and ethnicities.

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