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Dannisya and The Spirit of Katniss Everdeen

Dannisya Alia Larasati, an 8th-grade student from Brighton JHS at Depok, enlisted herself in a real-life “Hunger Games.” Her eagerness to win and high self-esteem allowed her to gain her rightful position of 2nd Place Podium at An Nahl Archery Championship (Archamp 2023) in SMP 10 M Barebow Class. 

She started her archery journey during the holiday of her 3rd term in 8th grade. She was new to this kind of sport. Even though she has just started doing this, she put all her heart and spirit into archery. With that, she practices twice weekly with 2 hours of archery sessions each time. That’s a double time!

Dannisya was overwhelmed with a feeling of ecstatic and shock as she claimed her 2nd Place winning in the Archamp 2023. It was her first ever archery competition, and achieving such an achievement was very important to her. This motivates her to keep practicing to join as many tournaments as possible. This way, she can earn more experience in the archery tournaments and enjoy learning to become a better archer.

Once again, congratulations Dannisya! Aim for the highest! Our family at Brighton JHS will always root for you!

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