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DDN Depok Elementary School is Chosen as School of Health by Unilever Indonesia

The Ministry of Education and Culture along with the research team from the Republic of Indonesia are coordinating with Unilever Indonesia to commemorate the School of Health program. DDN Elementary School is chosen among the 3 institutions from Cimanggis district to participate in the School of Health activities from Unilever Indonesia.

During the execution, the children send a photo of their Pembiasaan Hidup Bersih dan Sehat or PHBS for 21 days nonstop. There are 6 habits that the students must accomplish which includes, washing their hands with soap, finishing the meal on their plate, consuming nutritious snacks, brushing their teeth regularly, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, and organizing the school’s waste

Monita Lasnaria, the Principal of Active ABC Kids Elementary School said that the school wants to re-elevate the PHBS program that has been ongoing by integrating it into the school’s curriculum until a clean and healthy lifestyle is achieved.

This program received a positive remark from DDN Depok Elementary School as it gives a positive impact to the school. Therefore, the children get used to living cleanly and healthier for 21 days nonstop. The habits help the children to stay motivated to live  clean and healthily.

Monita explains that the teachers keep encouraging the students to maintain this habit by guiding them to wash their hands, use the toilet properly and sanitize themselves, as well as to eat balanced meals.

She also adds to the school’s expectations with this program. The participants will become the agents of change, equipped with generous knowledge and a healthy, clean lifestyle to combat the Covid-19 virus.

Davin, a student from DDN Elementary School, said that it is a challenge to memorize the steps to live cleanly for 21 days nonstop.

“I have to do all of those activities, which is fun. I have to brush my teeth everyday, wash my hands everyday and other things,” Davin commented.

Davin also said that there are some things that should be prepared. Not only self preparation but also the necessary tools, such as soap for hand washing, toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning the teeth, along with sorting garbage waste according to the proper place. After that, they also need to fill in as much as 2 calendars for washing hands and brushing their teeth.

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