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Deepening Islamic Spirituality Through Extracurricular Activity

Offering religion education classes is an essential part of a school’s curriculum. Understanding their religion better encourages diversity, connectedness, and compassion in children. Recognizing such importance, the ABC Kids school at DDN offers students the possibility to deepen their Islamic spirituality through extracurricular in school. 

According to the regulations from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia number 62 the year 2014 about Extracurricular Activities in General Education and Middle-Class Education, extracurricular is an activity that encourages optimal character development in expanding the potential, talent, interest, skill, personality, teamwork, and independence within the students outside of intracurricular and co-curricular activities during learning hours, under the guidance and supervision of the education units.

The ABC Kids school strives to provide our students with various options of extracurricular activities to enrich their development. One of the extracurricular activities we offer is “Rohani Islam,” or the Islamic Spirituality, which aims to give students a greater understanding of Islam. 

Ms. Tiwi, the religion teacher from ABC Kids Elementary at DDN, believes that educating students about Islam at or outside of school is an effective way to strengthen the foundation of their character. The deepening of faith in Islam would be shaped by participating in daily religious activities such as praying five times a day, reciting Al-Qur’an, and fasting. 

The ABC Kids school embraces unity in diversity in various forms, including religious beliefs. Thus, the Islamic Spirituality extracurricular is not the only spiritual education that students can participate in. Watch more on our page to discover what offerings we have for you!

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