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From trash to a treasure: Michele Turns Plastic Bags into Eco-Friendly Fashion for School Final Assignment

Michele, a Brighton Junior High School student, has turned her newfound passion for crocheting into an innovative and environmentally conscious project for her School Final Assignment (SFA). Amidst the global pandemic, Michele discovered her love for crocheting, finding comfort and creativity in the rhythmic loops of yarn. This hobby brought her joy and sparked an idea that would contribute to a greater cause.

One day, Michele stumbled upon an online post demonstrating how to make crochet bags from plastic bags. Inspired by the concept, she decided to recycle the plastic bags accumulating in her home into a chic and sustainable crochet bag for her SFA project. Aligning her project with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Michele started making her eco-friendly bag by gathering plastic bags from around her house. She carefully folded each bag and cut them into strips, which she then used as yarn for her crochet work. While the process was time-consuming, it was a labor of love and a testament to her commitment to sustainability.

When asked about her choice of material, Michele explained, “Plastic bags are often just stored without being used again. By repurposing them through crocheting, we can give them a new life and keep them out of landfills.” Her statement reflects a growing awareness and commitment among young people to address environmental issues through creative solutions.

Her project has garnered attention within her school and community, showcasing how individual efforts can contribute to broader environmental goals. Michele’s initiative demonstrates that with creativity and determination, it is possible to turn everyday waste into something valuable and meaningful.

As Michele continues to explore her passion for crocheting, she remains committed to finding innovative ways to promote sustainability. Her journey serves as an inspiration to her peers and a reminder that small actions can lead to significant positive impacts on our world.


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