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Good News to Start the Bright Year

Here are several of the good news at the beginning of the year from our students.


Alesha Sabrina Putri Sugiarto | Taekwondo (Kyorugi Putri) 

2nd Winner of Liga Taekwondo DKI Jakarta 


Alesha Sabrina Putri Sugiarto, won the 2nd place in the Jakarta Taekwondo League. Alesha, who also goes by Sasa, started her Taekwondo journey since December of last year. She further explained that her practice sessions became more intense during the days before the competition. Normally she would do the practice once a week. 

She is also determined to continue practicing and looking forward to participating in other Taekwondo championships, and aiming for a a gold medal next time. It is one of Sasa’s many goals to become a National Taekwondo Athlete and be able to join in international championships. Keep practicing and aiming for the best Sasa, for hard work will certainly pay off!


Gabriel Qianzio Gunardi | Pencak Silat (Kategori Tanding)

2nd Winner of Piala Wakil Gubernur DKI Jakarta

Gabriel Qianzio Gunardo managed to bring home a Silver medal in the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Cup of Pencak Silat. We could feel his joy as he shared his journey to us, “I am very happy to get a medal”. Zio was 6 when he began his journey in Pencak Silat. And ever since then, he keeps improving his skill with his father as his coach every day. Furthermore, he aspires to hone his skills by trying to improve his concentration and strength. At the end of the interview session, he added that his greatest goal is to be able to compete at the Asian Games one day. Well done, Zio. Never say never!


Nyoman Griska Prameswari & Dewa Ayu Chandracita Saraswati | Festival Tari Bali

1st Winner of Maha Gotra Ganesha ITB Bandung 2022

Nyoman Griska Prameswari & Dewa Ayu Chandracita Saraswati made it to be the 1st Winner of Balinese Dance Festival Maha Gotra Ganesha ITB Bandung 2022. “I am so proud of myself, I still can’t believe that I won the award, I am so happy”, said Chandracita who also goes by the name Tita. She stated out that she started preparing for the festival since September. Normally, she practice for the event twice a week, three times a day. She also emphasized that at some nights she even practice until late at night. Her biggest wish is to be able to win other competitions and follow in the footsteps of her aunt who travels overseas to perform her dances. 

Meanwhile Griska expressed happily that she actually never expected on winning the award. To win the award she admitted that she practiced more than usual on the days leading up to the festival. She recalled that she would spend 2 – 3 hours to practice on a daily basis. She expects to advance her dance skill in the future, specifically in the dance expression part. When asked about her biggest goal, she explained that she looks forward to win more awards in other competitions ahead. 

Congratulations to our young and multitalented students, Alesha, Zio, Griska & Tita, best of luck on your future endeavors!

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