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Lace up, Folks! Welcome Back to School!

Do you remember the very first day you went to school or going back to school? What was on your mind? Meeting new friends and new school teachers? New subjects that seem strange to you? Or being driven to school on your very first day? Without ruling out the sweet memories, first day school or the start of a new academic year could lay the foundation of a fun & exciting or worse atmosphere throughout the year. Therefore, how could parents make a fun & exciting learning atmosphere for their children although the Covid-19 Pandemic still exists? Parents should not be caught off guard despite the loosen health protocols.

In welcoming the new academic year in Brighton JHS Depok & Kota Wisata on the 18th of July 2022, there are many things that should be prepped for the children in order to make the whole academic year turn out to be the greatest year ever. Here they are! First of all, start with packing up cute, fun and nutritious lunch and snacks for them. Enough energy would help them to be able to focus on subjects all day. Next, ensure that your children are fully-vaccinated, prepped with face-mask, hand-sanitizers, multi-vitamins and face-shield if necessary. Those are daily basis needs to minimize the risk of Covid-19 spread. Honorable mention goes to : Stationeries! Let your kids choose their own pencils, pens, erasers with fun designs to boost their confidence and enthusiasm!

Last but not least, take your child to school on their very first day of school, as this would strengthen the bond between you and your child. Don’t forget to smile and take pictures, for this particular moment is one for the books! 

Meanwhile, enjoy your remaining vacation days, and see you on Monday, 18th of July 2022, ABC Kiddos & Fellow Brightonians!

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