Abc Kids – Brighton

Indonesia Language

Students will learn the basics of reading, writing, and listening in the Indonesian language. As children advance to the next comprehension level, they will begin to analyse the content of reading materials and produce essays based on the information collected

Sundanese Language

The Sundanese language is a compulsory subject for students to take in addition to English and Indonesian languages. By learning vocabularies, writing, reading, theatrical & musical performances, and arts in Sundanese, it will further cultivate love and respect for local culture and region.

English Language

The school’s international approach to the 2013 National curriculum integrates the English language into its learning process. Teachers expect students to carry out daily communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in proper English pronunciation and grammar.


The mathematics course taught during your child’s elementary years covers a breadth of topics such as time, geometry, fraction, speed, rate, and counting. We believe that the first step towards excellence is to provide a strong foundation in the subject through a complete understanding of concepts and theories. Such learning comprehension is further fortified with in-class and take-home exercises, quizzes and tests as checkpoints, and competitions. In addition to academic excellence, the goal of this course is to enable students to think more systematically and logically when solving problems outside the academic realm.


During science class, students get the chance to make use of the school environment for their source of learning and our readily available science laboratory. Students get to conduct science experiments further to strengthen their understandings of scientific concepts and education. Topics such as the human body and electricity are covered in science class.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum emphasizes on Indonesia and aims to increase knowledge and build a sense of nationalism. Students learn maps showing regions of Indonesia, the different cultures, history, values, and what it means to be an Indonesian citizen.

Character Building

The Character Building class intends to nurture children’s characters and skills to prepare them in solving academic, social, and emotional challenges in and outside of school. Fundamental morals and principles such as respect, tolerance, perseverance, compassion, fairness, responsibility, citizenship, cooperation, trustworthiness, courage, discipline, honesty, and integrity are instilled upon our students. Such that students can handle different situations guided by their moral compass

Life Skill Education

Life Skills Education is a unique subject offered by ABC Kids elementary school to equip students with invaluable life skills for their future. Teachers provide interactive activities, indoor and outdoor, such as conducting experiments, drama, role-playing, presentation, public speaking, scouting, home economics, debate, creative writing, and many others.

Information & Technology

It goes without saying that in today’s world, we are all exposed to technology. To prepare your children for the unforeseen & ever-changing world, we require our students to be accustomed and fluent with technology. Students will acquire the ability to understand parts & functions of, utilize, and operate the computer, write codes, apply technology in their daily life, as well as educating students on the ethics of technology


Religious education promotes respect for others regardless of their beliefs, race, or social status. Each week students in their respective religious beliefs attend religion classes. Here, students learn more about values, spiritual practices, its application to their daily lives, and cultivate the habit of praying regularly.


Students are taught to practice and understand their religion, show honest behavior, discipline, understand, and explain the total meaning of Pancasila and its values, so that they can apply the values contained in the Pancasila principles in social life in society.

Health Class & Book Club

During Health Class, students learn about the benefit of leading a healthy lifestyle through cultivating good eating habits, having enough sleep & physical exercise, and cleanliness. Alternately, students are encouraged to develop a love for reading and to knowledge-hungry in Book Club activity.
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