Magelang Through The Eyes of Brighton JHS Students Post Live-in Experience

On the 3rd February, students from diverse backgrounds in Brighton JHS Depok gathered at Gambir Station, Jakarta, with anticipation shimmering on their faces as they awaited the train that would transport them to an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their destination for their first Live-in experience is Desa Wisata Borobudur in Magelang, a place filled with tradition and history for their cultural journey ahead.

Their journey began with a stop in Tugu, Yogyakarta, where they changed trains before reaching Magelang. Even though the students were tired from the trip, they were excited about what they would discover. And when the students arrived in Desa Wisata Borobudur in Magelang, they were greeted with friendly faces and traditional dances. The students joined in, having a great time dancing and learning about local customs. At night, the students stayed in homestays, which were simple but cozy. They were excited to rest before their adventures the next day.

The next morning, Brighton JHS Depok students started exploring. First, they prepared lunch with their homestay parents then learned about Gamelan music, trying out the instruments and making some music of their own. Next on the agenda was Batik making and traditional Umbrella Coloring where they tried their hand at the Traditional Batik making and also umbrella coloring, creating colorful patterns on fabric. In the evening, all the students had a reflection time, a moment to ponder on the day’s adventure before they take some rest to prepare for their next adventure.

As the sun rose on the second day, students ventured to Gereja Ayam Borobudur to learn about the architecture and the culture behind this building, gaining newfound appreciation for Indonesia’s diverse traditions. For their next agenda, the students dived deeper into traditional craftsmanship by making Gerabah, an art of traditional pottery-making. After that, they also learned about beekeeping and tasted some delicious local honey at Peternakan Lebah Ashfa Madu. During this day, they also acquired knowledge and insight about the culture of Central Java.

On the third and final day, the students prepared themselves by wearing traditional attire to learn how to membajak sawah and bercocok tanam with the locals. It was a very fun learning experience as it was also their first time gaining firsthand experience in learning how to membajak sawah, an agricultural traditions that have sustained communities for a long time. As the day drew closer, the students bid farewell to Magelang with a heart that is filled with gratitude and memories that would last a lifetime. 

Throughout the Live-in adventure, Brighton JHS DDN Depok students had learned so much about Central Java’s culture and forged lasting connections with the people they met along the way. It was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never forget! Watch our video here to see the recap of our post Live-in Experience, Brightonians! (link)

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