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Matthew, The “Math” Guy

In the midst of all so known Guy, there is one so particular. Matthew, the “Math” Guy. Many people consider mathematics a tricky subject for any age range, but Matthew sees it as his playground. He dives right into the complexion of formulas and precise counts. Recently, Matthew won 3rd place at Gen Juara 2023 Mathematics Competition in Labschool Cibubur. He competes alongside participants from other schools such as Labschool Cibubur, SMPN 103 Jakarta, MTSN 32 Jakarta, and SMP Al-Azhar Kelapa Gading. Matthew has been working hard for this competition. Whether he is in a competition or not, Mathematics training and problem-solving are part of his daily routine. For him, Mathematics is fun and challenging. He rides a competitive spirit in his muscles and veins because it is what he loves and is excited about. Participating in competitions enables him to understand better of he is. Each competitions allows him to assess his capabilities–knowing his strengths and weaknesses, to improve for the better.



After winning the competition, he felt satisfied with the award that he received. He deserves it for all the hard work and effort he puts into winning the award. He hungers for more and starts to look for more competitions. Up next, he will join the Universitas Diponegoro Mathematics Competition, SEAMO X, and the infamous Mustang Mini Math Middle School Tournament that is put together by a non-profitable organization consisting of high school and college students also the director of Stanford and Berkeley University. Tons of luck for you ahead, Matthew! Godspeed!

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