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Surat Dari Manager

In an age of globalization and fast-paced digital era, we recognize that today’s world needs young men and women of virtue, courage, and ambition. Here at ABC Kids and Brighton, we believe that the first step to equipping students with the skills and aptitudes required to thrive in a perpetually changing world is first to compose an effective team comprising of school, educators, children, and parents. Considering that children spend most of their time at school, those mentioned earlier can be seen as an extension of the home. The school believes that a safe and friendly environment is fundamental to our children’s learning experience. It is by enabling our children to prosper emotionally and socially that we can help them to thrive academically. Our students are privilege in that caring and close-knit community is nestled within the heart of our school. A network of support and care has been established to look after the well-being of our students, including the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of their lives at school and in their community.   Our unique approach to learning encourages our students to be active, creative, critical, and compassionate lifelong learners. Our academic framework follows the National K13 curriculum with an international approach. Such framework allows our students to strive for academic excellence and exercise global thinking while being culturally sensitive. Our team of educators comprises of highly qualified professionals who aim to make learning an enjoyable and rewarding journey for students. Further, assignments and projects are designed as transferrable skills and knowledge that prepare students for their lives as innovative thinkers and collaborative problem solvers.

Students in our school are celebrated for being the unique individuals they are. Bullying, hazing, and inappropriate behaviors are intolerable. All of our students are expected to engage in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner at all times. Our school fosters the spirit of inquiry through research programs and open discussions. Further, students are encouraged to discover their talents and potentials through participation in extracurricular activities, students’ organizations, competitions, and clubs. And as a reflection of our commitment to providing a holistic education, environment and community awareness programs are encouraged through active participation in charity and volunteering activities.

Last but not least, the role of parents is fundamental to make for an effective team. As a parent myself, I recognize that decisions made on my children’s education affect the course of their overall development. Parents’ role does not stop at making well-informed decisions initially when choosing for a school, but continuously and consistently. At the end of the day, no one knows their children best as their parents. That is why, in addition to our regular parent-teacher conference, we highly encourage parents to actively participate in making our school inclusive and optimum learning experience for your children through constructive feedback and comments.

Ultimately, the goal is to equip all of our students with the necessary skills and knowledge that enables them to succeed in the current everchanging landscape through a blend of supportive school environments, nurturing educators, and loving parents. The opportunity to educate your children is a rare privilege that comes with a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education. Such commitment is shared among all of us by working collaboratively as a team. Together, we can take pride in our endeavors to shape students into becoming influential world citizens of excellent character and intelligence.

Sigit Permana

Managing Director

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