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Mr. Eagen: Championing Innovative Education at Brighton Junior High School

Brighton Junior High School has a lot to celebrate this year, thanks to the incredible achievement of their very own principal, Mr. Ignasius Widi Nugroho, affectionately known as Mr. Eagen. In an inspiring journey that spans over a decade in the world of education, Mr. Eagen has recently claimed the prestigious title of the first winner in the “Lomba Kepala Sekolah Berprestasi Tingkat Kota Depok Tahun 2023,” an educational competition that shines a spotlight on innovation in teaching and learning.

## A Visionary Leader in Education

Mr. Eagen has been a dedicated educator since 2008, and his passion for fostering a dynamic learning environment is evident in his commitment to his students and the school. His journey to the top began with an invitation from School Supervisor Tati Maryati, who encouraged him to participate in the competition. With unwavering determination, Mr. Eagen embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to this incredible victory.

## The Road to Victory

The competition was no walk in the park. To secure his place as the first winner, Mr. Eagen had to complete several challenging stages:

### Qualification Round

In the qualification round, Mr. Eagen had to showcase his expertise by submitting a best practice writing, a video illustrating his innovative teaching methods, and a talent video. This round served as a foundation for his journey towards the top.

### The Top 10

Qualified from the qualification round, Mr. Eagen advanced to the Top 10 stage. Here, he faced a competence test that tested his educational acumen. He also had the opportunity to present his best practices in front of a panel of judges and engage in a best practice interview, where his innovative ideas were scrutinized.

### Grand Final Showdown

Finally, Mr. Eagen reached the grand final among the Top 5 participants. In a thrilling tabletop challenge, he had to answer complex problems verbally in front of a live audience. The challenge involved choosing random envelopes in the first round and participating in a panel discussion – an impressive display of his expertise and quick thinking.

## The Sweet Taste of Victory

The moment of triumph he arrived when Mr Eagen was declared the first winner, scoring an astounding 92.13 points. This victory was hard-earned, with the second and third-place winners scoring 86.89 and 85.65, respectively. Mr. Eagen’s dedication to education and innovative teaching methods had paid off, and he had proven himself as a leader in his field.

## A Dream Come True

For Mr. Eagen, this achievement represents a dream come true. It’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to creating a learning environment that empowers and emancipates students. He has not only set a high standard for Brighton Junior High School but has also become an inspiration to educators everywhere.

## Looking Toward the National Stage

With this remarkable achievement under his belt, Mr. Eagen is now setting his sights on the national level. He plans to participate in the upcoming national competition, hoping to continue promoting innovative education and bringing more accolades to Brighton Junior High School.

As we celebrate Mr Eagen’s incredible achievement, we also recognize his invaluable contributions to our school and the inspiration he offers us all. His journey reminds us that dedication, innovation, and a passion for education can lead to remarkable success. We eagerly await the next chapter in his journey as he represents Brighton Junior High School nationally.

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