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Nara and The Leap Of Faith

Nara and her horse strike again! She jumps and she scores! This time, she earned her best podium in SJ 70-90 CM class in the Kejuaraan Berkuda Equestrian Solidarity Challenge event at Jakarta International Equestrian Park last weekend on the 4 to 5 March 2023. Nara represented JJ Riding School and yeah, she earned their trust and proof to them that she could win another championship!

Blessed Beauty, the selected horse that Nara trusted her jumps on, was going triumphantly against 36 other competitors in this event. Among the 36 competitors in the riding championship were Nara’s seniors. Yet, she remains confident, kept going, and finally scored the best lap time at 64,62 seconds–a clear round! 0.36 seconds earlier than the time that was set by the committees. 

That achievement placed Nara into first place, defeating her competitors Ahmad Fahri K, Dirga Saputra, Aisya Maydina Hakim, Alif Trio Putra, Teo Glandi, Andry Febrian, and Jandry Mewengkang. Brighton JHS and JJ Riding School offered Nara our endless support in any championship. We hope that Nara could become an athlete who is enthusiastic, successful, and never surrenders in any circumstances and difficulties.

Proficiat, Ida Ayu Nara Pramodawardani Dauh! Just like what Van Halen said, Jump!

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