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Nara: The Journey Continues…

She strikes again! Another milestone, another accomplishment, another trophy, and another story to be told to anyone who doubts her limitless possibilities. Ida Ayu Nara Pramodawardani Dauh, or Nara in short, our student from Brighton JHS at Kota Wisata, continues to etch her name as she competes in the FEI Equestrian Solidarity Challenge Playoff on the 12-13 November 2022. 

A combination of hard work and dedication ultimately led to a remarkable performance from Nara, as she placed 6th in the jumping class 40-60 cm open and 3rd in the jumping 50-70 cm. Both are in the open classification categories, meaning anyone of any age could join the competition. This also implies that despite her young age, she could compete with people who are probably older and with more experience and win! Nara’s possibilities are endless as she and her horse keep jumping and leaping toward her ultimate goal.

Not only is she celebrating her triumph today, but look at her family’s proud faces! Also, what a sweet and unique bond she has between Nara and her horse. Congratulations, Nara… The ABC Kids and Brighton JHS community will keep on cheering you!   

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