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Our Students’ Heartwarming Visit to Panti Asuhan Pelayanan Kasih Bhakti Mandiri

In March 2007, the foundation of Panti Asuhan Pelayanan Kasih Bhakti Mandiri (PKBM) marked the beginning of an inspiring effort to provide livable homes for those in need. A modest rental house on Jl. H. Abdul Rahman No. 14 Rt 16 / 005, Cibubur Village, Ciracas District, became the birthplace of the community. This initiative was driven by a mission to foster brotherhood and serve the poor, disabled, and neglected.

Today, the PKBM Orphanage houses 160 residents, including 120 foster children, 11 caregivers, and 29 nuns, all working together to create a supportive and loving environment.

Recently, our students from Brighton JHS Depok had the privilege of visiting Panti Asuhan Pelayanan Kasih Bhakti Mandiri. The visit began with a warm introduction from our students, setting the stage for a day filled with joy and connection. The children eagerly joined in as everyone sang together.

Following the singing, the students and children engaged in playful activities with sticker books, sparking creativity and laughter. The room was filled with smiles as they shared stories and bonded over the simple joy of playing together.

The event concluded with distributing gifts to the children and a photo session that captured these precious moments, preserving the memories of a day that left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

This visit not only brightened the day for the children at PKBM but also enriched the lives of our students, reminding them of the importance of compassion, empathy, and community service–all of which we hope our students will bring forth with them as they grow to become the next future leaders.

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