Abc Kids – Brighton

ABC Kids

Experience Beyond Book

Physical Activity

We encourage children to form healthy habits from a young age by introducing them to regular stretching and movement. Such activities will also improve children’s gross motor skills.

Art & Craft

Children have the opportunity to express their creativity and develop coordination and concentration skills by doing activities such as painting, stamping, sewing, modeling, coloring, and cutting. Art & craft activities vary depending on the theme assigned for the week, and children can bring home their artistic work to show it to their family


The best way for children to learn is through experience. During the cooking activity, children can learn about math by counting fruits or measuring ingredients or boost their comprehension skills by reading along recipes. Children learn all of these while they have fun making pizzas or decorating cupcakes

Free Play

Indoor and Outdoor playgrounds allow children to have unstructured activities while interacting with their classmates

Field Trip

Children have the chance to absorb new experiences and enhance their curiosity and discovery skills.


Students get to celebrate various events and holiday seasons such as Chinese New Year, International Day of Charity, Kartini’s Day, Indonesia’s Independence Day, and many others


During snack time, children will learn the importance of good hygiene and practice self-help skills such as serving and cleaning up after themselves.

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