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Practice makes perfect!

Arskha Albarr Nizam
ABC Kids Elementary DDN


The term “education” nowadays has grown to refer not only to what students do at school but also to extracurricular activities outside of the classroom setting .According to research, children who takes up sports as their extracurricular activities, helps them in their cognitive abilities and allow them to overcome adversities. For example, martial arts offers many benefits to those who practice the activity. It allows children to practice skills such as having the ability to focus, balance, coordination, decision-making, and respect, among others. This month, one of our students from ABC Kids Elementary, Depok branch, Arsakha Albarr Nizam, won a gold medal in the KONI Cup Series 4 for the Poomsae Individual Pra Cadet category. It is an enormous achievement for an elementary student to be a champion in a taekwondo competition.

Arsakha shared his happiness and pride to inspire everyone who dreams of not giving up easily by having self-confidence, practicing regularly and enjoying every step and progress. This was the first time he won a Taekwondo competition. To be in his state now, he has been practicing Taekwondo in his club twice weekly. His parents are very supportive of his hobby. Thus, he said that he wants to perform better in the future by practicing more and more.

Arsakha has proven that practicing hard for his hobby can lead him to be a champion in a competition. For everyone who wants to try something new, he has an inspiring message: Try and enjoy something you like! Go for it, and you might find something you love.


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