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Relieving Concerns Toward Learning Math by Utilising Technology

Math is usually the least favorite subject for the students. However, the advancement of technology has made Mathematics more fun. Students often feel stressed whenever they have to use their logic to work on math problems, such as counting and memorizing formulas. If not addressed effectively, such stress and anxiety could affect their learning process in the future.

Indra Yahdi Putra, an active teacher of ABC Kids DDN Depok Elementary, said that the younger generation should keep up with the technological era. As teachers, it is essential to constantly innovate in ways of teaching by using technology as a leverage. Nowadays, several mobile & web applications are available to make learning Math engaging. One of them is Geogreba. Geogreba is software that allows students to draw plane figures, geometrical shapes, and coordinates by placing dots on the desired positions until the figure is formed.

Another application is called Xournal ++, which has to be operated with a pen tablet. This application is beneficial for current online learning. It is a medium for doodling and is similar to sketching on a whiteboard. Others, such as Kahoot and Quiziz, allow students to practice accessible and exciting online quizzes.

“Students are ecstatic and prefer to work on the exercises through the applications instead of Google form,” Indra stated.

Indra further explained that the basis of the curriculum lies in memorizing and understanding the problems, such that it would be difficult for students to proceed to a higher level with the absence of those mentioned earlier.

The most important thing for the students is to understand the math subject instead of the memorizing system that stresses the right or wrong method. However, teachers must make an effort to use different ways to make the children more engaged. Other than that, Indra notices how the younger generation is familiar with utilizing technology.

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