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Shannen J. Najoan, The Rising Star Lighting Up the Music Scene

In a spectacular display of talent and dedication, Shannen J. Najoan, our student from ABC Kids Elementary DDN, has been honored with the prestigious titles of “Rising Star” and “Great Achievement” at the Serenata PMC Tingkat Jabodetabek. 

The Serenata PMC (Pentas Musik Campuran) competition is a highly regarded event that brings together some of the most talented young musicians from across the region. It serves as a platform for showcasing musical prowess and fostering artistic growth among participants. This year, the competition was particularly fierce, with numerous gifted individuals vying for top honors.

The “Rising Star” award is a testament to Shannen’s potential and the bright future that lies ahead of her in the world of music. It recognizes young artists who exhibit extraordinary talent and the promise of significant future achievements. Shannen’s receipt of this award highlights her as a beacon of inspiration for other young musicians who aspire to reach similar heights.

In addition to being named a “Rising Star,” Shannen also received the “Great Achievement” award. This honor acknowledges her consistent excellence and outstanding contributions to the competition. It reflects not only her musical abilities but also her dedication, discipline, and the hard work she has invested in her art.

The entire community celebrates Shannen’s success and looks forward to witnessing her continued growth as an artist. Her story is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, and a true passion for one’s craft. Congratulations to Shannen J. Najoan on her well-deserved awards, and may her star continue to rise in the world of music.

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