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Strategic Plan

Preparing the next generation of future leaders

  • Inspired by holistic development, guided by our core mission and the values, and dedicated to the ongoing legacy of our founder, ABC KIDS & Brighton schools aim to become a forward-thinking education institution through a strategic planning framework.

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Supporting further greening action through student program such as reduce – reuse – recycle.
  2. Discouraging single-used plastic bottles, bags, and utensils and encourage students to bring personal water bottles, eating cutleries, and bags.
  3. Carpooling to and from school as an effort to reduce CO2 emissions.
  4. Gradual installment of LED lights in the classroom building.
  5. Coordinate environmental sustainability efforts through forming and supporting Green Action Generation (GAG) Club.
  6. Shifting from paper-based communications to electronic communications.
  7. Continuously sourcing sustainable materials


  1. To build and sustain an inclusive community by engaging students and parents through discussions, focus groups, or anonymous surveys on diversity and microaggressions that are inadequately addressed.
  2. Ensuring that the curriculum taught at school addresses the complexity of identity, appreciates the value of diversity, and encourages students to take personal and collective action against prejudice, bias, and injustice.
  3. Through data collection & analysis, the school can identify and address any patterns of discrepancy and recruit & retain diverse employees and leaders.

Academic Vision

  1. Continuously review the curriculum to uphold the well-balanced learning we value.
  2. Create programs that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication skills.
  3. Further incorporate socio-emotional learning into our curriculum
  4. Enhance students’ development by adding more various co-curricular activities for students to participate in.
  5. Promote athleticism, music, and arts through partnerships, co-curricular activities, and competitions.
  6. Boost the STEAM activities
  7. Actively participate in local & overseas competition and ongoing research programs.
  8. Incorporate Information, Communication & Technology in the elementary school curriculum. Further, for school to continuously support and enhance technology resources & tools for staff, teachers & students to use.
  9. Continuous teachers and staff development through mandatory seminar attendance & further education programs & training


  1. Teaching students to serve others by creating development programs emphasizing serving & leadership such as community service, peer-to-peer mentorship, and outreach program.
  2. Develop partnerships with non-profit organizations so students can work together toward shared goals.

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