Lace up, Folks! Welcome Back to School!

Do you remember the very first day you went to school or going back to school? What was on your mind? Meeting new friends and new school teachers? New subjects that seem strange to you? Or being driven to school on your very first day? Without ruling out the sweet memories, first day school or the start of a new academic year could lay the foundation of a fun & exciting or worse atmosphere throughout the year. Therefore, how could parents make a fun & exciting learning atmosphere for their children although the Covid-19 Pandemic still exists? Parents should not be caught off guard despite the loosen health protocols.

In welcoming the new academic year in Brighton JHS Depok & Kota Wisata on the 18th of July 2022, there are many things that should be prepped for the children in order to make the whole academic year turn out to be the greatest year ever. Here they are! First of all, start with packing up cute, fun and nutritious lunch and snacks for them. Enough energy would help them to be able to focus on subjects all day. Next, ensure that your children are fully-vaccinated, prepped with face-mask, hand-sanitizers, multi-vitamins and face-shield if necessary. Those are daily basis needs to minimize the risk of Covid-19 spread. Honorable mention goes to : Stationeries! Let your kids choose their own pencils, pens, erasers with fun designs to boost their confidence and enthusiasm!

Last but not least, take your child to school on their very first day of school, as this would strengthen the bond between you and your child. Don’t forget to smile and take pictures, for this particular moment is one for the books! 

Meanwhile, enjoy your remaining vacation days, and see you on Monday, 18th of July 2022, ABC Kiddos & Fellow Brightonians!

Brighton JHS Kota Wisata Celebrates Its First Graduation Since the Pandemic

On Saturday (11/06), the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Brighton JHS School Kota Wisata branch held a graduation event for 2021-2022 junior high school graduates.

Sigit Permana (Managing Director of ABC Kids & Brighton JHS), Trinita Hestiana (Education Director), Teddy Irdanny (Assistant Managing Director), Muhammad Zakie Walad (Principal of Brighton JHS Kota Wisata), parents of graduates, teachers, and alumni of Brighton DDN also attended the graduation ceremony.

As an Education Director, Trinita Hestiana thanked the parents of school alumni for entrusting their children to be educated at Brighton JHS. At Brighton JHS, students continue to learn and improve their skills & knowledge to succeed in the future.

It is certainly not easy for Brighton JHS students and teachers to conduct three years of study amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even in difficult times, our teachers continue to strive to provide valuable learning experiences for students. Providing a memorable learning experience extends beyond academics, as teachers initiate students to network with their peers, teachers, and school staff despite being online. 

Trinita elaborated that this graduation ceremony had proven that parents, students, and teachers had successfully gone through the pandemic together. Such is a testament to the resiliency of all parties involved in difficult times.

“Let me now express my congratulations on your graduation. You are about to enter the next level of education. Participate and contribute as much as possible, and make the most of your time by bringing the good values you have learned at Brighton Junior High School, Kota Wisata, to the table.” Trinita said proudly.

“To all the children I am proud of, we had been fighting for more than two years to keep Indonesian education ahead of the curve. We had previously encountered the Covid 19 situation. Today is proof that we have overcome the obstacles and the outcome of your learning processes. And for teachers at Brighton JHS, keep on educating young generations, for they are the future leaders of our tomorrow. Thank you, parents, for choosing Brighton JHS. We sincerely apologize for any shortcomings. Fellow graduates, celebrate your successes; you have successfully climbed the steps to take the next journey!” addressed Mr. Zakie Walad.

Mr. Lukman, one of the parent representatives, stated that his child previously attended ABC Kids, Pre-K class, and then continued to study here at Brighton JHS. He also thanked all of the teachers and staff at the school for providing an education for their children. And, on behalf of the parents, apologizes for any errors or shortcomings. “Organizing this graduation event is challenging during a pandemic, and we appreciate this situation. And I feel that we have succeeded in getting our children through online education, which is a tremendous effort. Our hope for all teachers is prayers and blessings. Which, I am sure, will be granted, is for the future of the children’s education to be better every year,” he concluded.

ABC Kids Enrich Its Curriculum with Finland’s Educational Program

Era Agnesia Saragih, a teacher from the ABC Kids Kindergarten at Kota Wisata, has finished the HEI School Diploma Programme. She started the program in January 2021 and obtained her certification on December 15, 2021.

The HEI School Diploma is an online teacher training course from Finland. It consists of 10 curriculums, which were: How Children Learn, Child Observation – Documentation and Evaluation, Play and Learning, Children’s Right, Learning Areas and Transversal Skills, Collaborative Inquiry-Based Learning, Inclusion – Diversity and Special Needs, Pedagogical Planning, Working with Families, and Teacher’s Professional Development.

” The HEI Schools Teacher Diploma program was created by experienced Finnish teachers in partnership with the University of Helsinki. Through this teacher’s training course, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of Finnish early childhood education. When implemented, the inspiring play-based pedagogy and research-based learning materials will undoubtedly benefit students’ development.” said Ms. Era.

According to Ms. Era, the education system in Indonesia and Finland differs in terms of its culture, policies, and languages. However, with a few adjustments, such differences do not deter ABC Kids School from adopting certain HEI schools’ teaching curriculums. 

One of the differences is the age at which a child can enter elementary school. In Finland, the minimum age at which a child can start their formal education is 7. Although the age requirement policy is changing in Indonesia, children can enter formal education at age six or lower, depending on the circumstances.

To this, Ms. Era added that she is interested in Finland’s curriculum, which emphasizes fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and socio-emotional skills. The Finnish curriculum allocates a massive amount of time doing outdoor activities. It focuses on children’s gross motor skills, such as dancing, balancing, jumping, climbing, swimming, and bouncing. Children are encouraged to spend a minimum of 4 hours doing such activities, regardless of whether it is snowing or raining.

The education system in Finland also focuses on students’ holistics growth as opposed to stressing over standardized testings. “The children learn to explore, express their ideas, and play. That way, they obtain new abilities and discover how to solve problems independently,” Ms. Era stated.

“In Finland, cultures and heritage are introduced to children via games and cuisines to name a few as opposed to the traditional cramming and memorizing information. This is something that we can adopt in our future curriculum.” added Ms. Era.

It has been written in various articles of the many reasons why Finland’s education system is considered as the best in the world ( As the world keeps on changing, so should our mindset be. Here at ABC Kids, our educators are life-long learners who are keeping ourselves well-informed with the recent discoveries. Constantly, equipping our educators with the relevant international certificates is one way we are committed to providing the best education for your children.