Brighton JHS Kota Wisata Celebrates Its First Graduation Since the Pandemic

On Saturday (11/06), the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Brighton JHS School Kota Wisata branch held a graduation event for 2021-2022 junior high school graduates.

Sigit Permana (Managing Director of ABC Kids & Brighton JHS), Trinita Hestiana (Education Director), Teddy Irdanny (Assistant Managing Director), Muhammad Zakie Walad (Principal of Brighton JHS Kota Wisata), parents of graduates, teachers, and alumni of Brighton DDN also attended the graduation ceremony.

As an Education Director, Trinita Hestiana thanked the parents of school alumni for entrusting their children to be educated at Brighton JHS. At Brighton JHS, students continue to learn and improve their skills & knowledge to succeed in the future.

It is certainly not easy for Brighton JHS students and teachers to conduct three years of study amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even in difficult times, our teachers continue to strive to provide valuable learning experiences for students. Providing a memorable learning experience extends beyond academics, as teachers initiate students to network with their peers, teachers, and school staff despite being online. 

Trinita elaborated that this graduation ceremony had proven that parents, students, and teachers had successfully gone through the pandemic together. Such is a testament to the resiliency of all parties involved in difficult times.

“Let me now express my congratulations on your graduation. You are about to enter the next level of education. Participate and contribute as much as possible, and make the most of your time by bringing the good values you have learned at Brighton Junior High School, Kota Wisata, to the table.” Trinita said proudly.

“To all the children I am proud of, we had been fighting for more than two years to keep Indonesian education ahead of the curve. We had previously encountered the Covid 19 situation. Today is proof that we have overcome the obstacles and the outcome of your learning processes. And for teachers at Brighton JHS, keep on educating young generations, for they are the future leaders of our tomorrow. Thank you, parents, for choosing Brighton JHS. We sincerely apologize for any shortcomings. Fellow graduates, celebrate your successes; you have successfully climbed the steps to take the next journey!” addressed Mr. Zakie Walad.

Mr. Lukman, one of the parent representatives, stated that his child previously attended ABC Kids, Pre-K class, and then continued to study here at Brighton JHS. He also thanked all of the teachers and staff at the school for providing an education for their children. And, on behalf of the parents, apologizes for any errors or shortcomings. “Organizing this graduation event is challenging during a pandemic, and we appreciate this situation. And I feel that we have succeeded in getting our children through online education, which is a tremendous effort. Our hope for all teachers is prayers and blessings. Which, I am sure, will be granted, is for the future of the children’s education to be better every year,” he concluded.

Every Child Has Rights

As parents and adults, we might have thought about how children should always be under the control of their parents or other adults. This control is only valid until the child has grown to an adult and has the right to make plans for the future. However, since they are still under their parents’ supervision, their necessities and desires must be fulfilled. There are even instances where the children struggle to decide on their future. Their parents’ expectations often limit children. Children raised by a guardian, who is responsible for their well-being due to the absence of the biological parents, may also be restricted to choosing the right path for them. How will the children feel when they find out that their parents’ expectations differ from theirs? Do we, as parents, have the right to determine our children’s future without considering their needs, desire, and hope?

Did you know that children have rights?

We have already known about the world acclaimed Human Rights Law. It is the right that every individual has as a human being. The children’s right is part of the Human Rights Law that the entire human race should stand for. Children are one of God’s creations. They go through growth and development, starting from the womb to becoming elderly. The children are also the future of our generations. Their roles are essential in resolving the issues of our civilization. Therefore, in 1989, the United Nations has validated the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 1990, it was applied as international law.

Who do we call children?

Article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child defines, “For the present Convention, a child means every human being below the age of 18 years unless, under the law applicable to the child, the majority is attained earlier.”

Then, what are the children’s rights that have been determined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

Some of them are related to growth, nurture, and education which are:

  • 1. Child’s rights to life and maximum survival and development,
  • 2. Child’s right to freedom of expression,
  • 3. Child’s right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion,
  • 4. Child’s right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly,
  • 5. Child’s right to privacy,
  • 6. Child’s right to protection from all violence,
  • 7. Child’s right to health and health services,
  • 8. Child’s right to education,
  • 9. Child’s right to leisure, play, and culture.

Other children’s rights are related to the children’s civil rights as citizens. There are four principles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which are:

  • 1. Non-discrimination
  • 2. Best interests of the child
  • 3. Survival and development
  • 4. Respect for the views of the child

As parents and educators, we need to know the children’s suitable beacon of nurturing and educational guidance, especially our students.

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A Parent of ABC Kids Student Shares Her Experience on Being a Police Woman and a Mother

Mother’s Day celebration is the perfect time to express our love to our parents figure. Love can be expressed in different ways, such as acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, hugs & kisses, or gifts and surprises.

Mrs. Dedeh Khusnul Hotimah, the mother of Nevan, a student of ABC Kids Elementary at Depok, offered us a glimpse into her life as a woman, policewoman, and mother.

Mrs. Dedeh began by saying how she had been trained to be disciplined as a policewoman. With a policewoman career on her belt, Mrs. Dedeh places time management, discipline, and independence highly into her children. Having efficient time management skills is crucial as she starts her day by waking up early to prepare her children for school. 

“Managing my time for my children is a crucial thing,” said Mrs. Dedeh.

Juggling career, motherhood, and self-care is by no means an easy thing. However, Mrs. Dedeh still performs daily duties as a mother and a career woman with two children. Whenever her children have homework or experience struggles at school, Mrs. Dedeh would always try her best to assist her children.

Before Mrs. Dedeh and her husband went to work, she always accompanied her children for 10 to 15 minutes during virtual learning sessions. Accompanying her children, even for a short while, ensures that they feel guided, especially during this ever changing landscape. 

The challenges that Mrs. Dedeh encounters as a mother and a policewoman are undoubtedly present. Often, her job demands her to be in the office during the holiday season, which does not make it feasible for her to take her children on vacation. However, she tries to squeeze in family time by bringing her children to the office during the holidays. This way, her children would be familiar with their parents’ occupations and understand the law enforcement field’s responsibilities. 

With this, Mrs. Dedeh concludes that any challenges faced will become less of a burden if everything is done with happiness, sincerity, and gratitude.



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