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Teacher Sharing Session ABC Kids with Mrs Maria Tobing

“Hello, my name is Mrs. Maria Tobing or usually called Mrs. Maria. I’ve been working at ABC Kids since 2009 (13 years)”. Mrs. Maria shared her experience when she saw ABC Kids open a job vacancy through Kompas Media. For Mrs. Maria, working at ABC Kids has its own story.

“Previously, I was called for a work interview, but I couldn’t attend and was rescheduled. But still, I didn’t attend because there was something that made me unable to attend. And don’t know why they still asked me to join”.

Mrs. Maria also shared what made her happy being a teacher and her love for children.“I’m truly excited to see happy kids, if they are happy, it also makes me happy,” she said.

Mrs. Maria also recalled the experience for the first time teaching at ABC Kids Raffles Branch. “My first teaching experience was in the ABC Kids Raffles branch. The environment was very pleasant. The principal also kindly welcomed me,” said Mrs. Maria.Then, Mrs. Maria was transferred to the Kota Wisata branch to teach the K2 level class. While there, Mrs. Maria was amazed that most of the children were really fluent and good in English.

“The children here were very enthusiastic to go to school. When I saw that their English was really fluent, I was amazed,” said Mrs Maria. 

She also shared funny experiences when she teached and tips that she could do when the classroom atmosphere was not conducive. “‘Once I had acne, there was a student coming over carrying an eraser. The student thought the eraser can be removed for anything, including acne,” she said with a laugh.

“For other experiences during teaching, such as someone quarreling in class or when the class conditions are not conducive, I will tell them to apologize to each other and teach them a good lesson from the experience”.

“I have a special method of teaching. Teaching is not always about learning in class, it also can be something out of the class to make the children feel happy when learning”.

According to Mrs Maria, the development of ABC kids schools from year to year continues to grow, from playground facilities until the renewal of the Toolkits curriculum from Finland.

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