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Teachers at ABC Kids Citra Grand Embrace the Challenges of Offline Learning

The school is a practical, comfortable, and fun learning environment. With the ongoing pandemic situation, our teachers face challenges with making offline learning an effective yet safe experience.

As the ABC Kids Citra Grand Kindergarten principal, Anis Aprilyanawati stated that the school had just conducted the Pertemuan Tatap Muka or PTM in November 2021. Children at school behaved well, and they felt the authentic learning experience. The teachers were also excited to be with the children in person.

Aprilyanawati notices a few differences with the learning experience pre and post-pandemic. 

For example, before the pandemic, the learning system was in a learning center, where each table consisted of five students for one study group. Since then, it has shifted to children being placed at a safe distance from their fellow friends and teachers to minimize unnecessary physical contact.

To this, Aprilyanawati added that the ABC Kids Kindergarten at Citra Grand decided to focus more on making offline learning a safe and fun environment while still adapting to the ever-changing health protocols.

School facilities such as the playground and several toys are unavailable to minimize extended playtime. However, despite the limited available facilities and toys, the teachers at ABC Kids are persistent in making the children feel comfortable and safe with the offline learning experiences through storytelling, singing, communicating well, and incorporating other fun activities. 

Aprilyanawati credited the success of offline learning in ABC Kids Citra Grand to the small classroom size. The support and trust of the parents to the school to educate their children in a safe environment also play a significant role in creating the offline learning experience a successful one.

Interview with Mrs. Anis Aprilyanawati from ABC KIDS Citra Grand.

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