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The Great Synergy

    Good news coming from the Brighton community! Nyalanesia, a community dabbling in the literature and education realm, has just recently been awarded a National Record from the Indonesian National Record Museum (MURI) for its achievement in the celebration of National Literacy Day 8th of September 2022 with the support of Brighton JHS Depok! Students and teachers of Brighton JHS at Depok collaborated with Nyalanesia, which has contributed approximately 50 short stories and 50 poems from our students and another four poems and one essay from the Brighton JHS teachers.

     During the span of collaboration, Nyalanesia and Brighton JHS published a short story analogy entitled Kait Masa Depan, as much as 2 volumes, a poem analogy entitled Perputaran Waktu, a poem analogy book entitled Menanam Pelukan, and an essay book entitled Edumorfosis, each with 50, 50, 4, and 1 exemplars respectively.

     Congratulations Nyalanesia, for the national award and Brighton JHS Depok branch, for your contribution award. This is a testament of the great synergy between Nyalanesia and Brighton JHS! We extend our gratitude to the students, teachers, and staff for their endless efforts to make Brighton JHS’s name fly higher than before. We hope to achieve more astonishing records in the future.

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