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The Implementation of ANBK during Pembelajaran Tatap Muka Terbatas

Sekolah Aktif ABC Kids Cabang Kav DDN will be participating in Asesmen Nasional Berbasis Komputer (ANBK) phase 3 on 22nd until 23rd November 2021. ANBK has been associated with the Ministry of Education and Culture since early 2021. Some preparations have been conducted by ABC Kids Elementary to support the government’s program regarding ANBK this year.

One of those preparations is to have the teachers of Sekolah Aktif ABC Kids in the teacher learning program as part of Asesmen Kompetensi Minimum ( to understand more about the national assessment. 

Every Friday, the 5th grade students receive Literacy and Numeracy classes intermittently for each week. Other than that, Sekolah Aktif ABC Kids Cabang Kav DDN gives out one particular session to prepare for student’s learning everyday. The fifth grade teachers utilize the preparation time to discuss literature, numeration, and character development. ANBK is not only about literature and numeration, but surveys about character and learning environment are conducted as well.

ANBK participants are determined randomly by the system in the Ministry of Education and Culture. As many as 35 students have been selected, with 30 students as the main participants and 5 other students as alternative participants, are given exclusive meetings by the school to explain the schedules and the flow of the execution for ANBK.

ANBK refers to a rule, where every school must appoint 1 person as the proctor or officer to supervise the flow of ANBK and another person as the technician to handle the technical aspect, such as computer preparation and internet connection. Therefore, ABC Kids will be applying the same regulation and adding surveillance for when the students arrive or being picked up in the school lobby and in the waiting room.

Teacher, proctor, technician and student must obey the health protocols. Other preparations, position in the ANBK room and waiting room should not be changed by students. Students that have finished the exam should leave the room after being confirmed by the proctor and go to the waiting room. Students must have their breakfast and lunch, according to the sessions that the students are assigned, so they are prohibited from bringing their own meal. 

Students should be present no later than 15 minutes before the session starts. ANBK is divided into 2 sessions, 8.00-10.35 and 13.00-15.35. Parents are not allowed to wait at school.

“Hopefully ANBK will go well, exactly like the previous rehearsal and the students will gain a valuable experience,” said Monita Lasnaria, the principal of Sekolah Aktif ABC Kids Cabang Kav DDN.

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